Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Polaroid Display

 Hello there! I don't know if it's just because I'm getting older, but I can safely say that I am now a massive lover of homeware. I had a big space above my heater that I wanted to fill with something- I did try posters but they kept falling down so I gave up with that! I can't quite remember where, but I recently saw a photo where someone had hung up some polaroid snaps and I thought that it looked so good that I couldn't not do it! I am huge lover of taking photos and then putting them out on display. Digital cameras are great, but I think it's such a shame to just keep them in a folder on your computer that you rarely look at; it's so much nicer to print them off and put them about the house!

You will need:
-Photographs (I uploaded my instagram snaps and printed them off through, but you can use any that you like!)
-Drawing Pins
I went for four rows and I then had 3 photos left over so made individual hanging spots for them. This really couldn't be simpler, just put some drawing pins into the wall, cut the string to your desired length, and tie to the pins! I found it worked more effectively if you put a pin in the middle, as otherwise the weight of the photos and pins was too much to stay up.

I bought some craft pegs from Hobbycraft and I also bought some larger ones that say 'Homemade' on them which I have arranged symmetrically. All you need to do is peg your photographs to the string and you're good to go!

I found that it was easier if I did it row by row so I could see where the pictures hung, and I could then place the next row below with enough space.

I think this is such a simple idea to recreate, but is so effective. And what is really good about using the pegs is that you can interchange your photos depending on your mood or what you've been up to recently and want to document!

If you recreate this please send me a snap via twitter @jesslouisekeen! :)

Love Jess xxx


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