Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Goals for 2015

 Hello there! And a very happy New Year to you all. I'm not normally one for the typical 'resolutions' for a New Year, as I think most people tend to make them and then by the time February rolls around, they've gone out the window. So this year, I'm going to make mine 'goals', as I always think if you don't end up accomplishing your resolutions, you feel a bit deflated. However, if you class them as 'goals' then you've got something to work toward. I think 3 will be enough for me to be getting on with, so here are my goals for 2015!

1. Stay Organised
 I think that I am personally quite an organised person, but I think I can do better sometimes. I seem to have a lot of things going on all at once, which can be quite overwhelming and stressful. So for this year, I hope to be on top of things a bit more, and plan ahead with what I'm doing, and then hopefully if I can do that, I'll be able to actually have some free time!

2. Travel more
 Although I would love to travel the world more, I don't think that on a student budget I will be able to. (Unless I suddenly win the lottery!). But, I would like to see more of the UK. I have been very lucky growing up as my parents have taken me on lots of holidays to various places throughout the UK, but I would like to take advantage of my railcard while I can, and get out there and see more. You may remember my wish list of places that I would like to travel in the UK (if you missed that post you can read it here). I don't expect to visit all of these places in one year, but I hope to go to at least 3 or 4!

3. Save Money
 Now as a student you seem to live for the days that your student finance comes in! This year I would like to spend more wisely and actually start to save for the future! Tom and I were talking about what we are going to do after Uni the other day, and I think we both realised that actually it isn't as far off as we think it is. I think by starting now, through the next year and a half, I can hopefully save up enough so come the end of the third year, I'm not in a panic about having to live whilst looking for a job!

 I took this quote, as always, from pinterest. I think this sums up my point about having goals rather than resolutions, as these are more easy to attain. Big things don't just happen over night- you need to take the step in the direction, and bit by bit you'll arrive at your destination!

Have you made any goals for this year? Let me know in the comments!

Love Jess xxx


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