Saturday, 31 January 2015

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 37

 Hello there! How are you? And how has your week been? The weeks of essay writing and exam revision are all starting to blur into one for me, which probably isn't a good thing. On Monday I went with a group of my friends to revise in the library, which actually went quite well! Until we'd all had enough and had already consumed copious amounts of biscuits that is. Even though we were revising it was just so nice to see everyone again, and I can't wait until we all go out for a meal on Tuesday to celebrate Megan's birthday! (there will also be the celebration of finishing my exam in there too). 
 Aside from revising, I went out with a mixture of old flatmates/their housemates/coursemates to the Balti King Indian restaurant. I of course had the chicken tikka korma, what a surprise! This was the first and only time that I ever been asked before my meal to 'not steal their paintings/glasses/cutlery'. I know we're students but we're not that desperate! Even though I love living where I do now, and the people I live with, I do miss seeing them on a daily basis, so we're making it our mission to meet up more regularly this semester! 
 Snow decided to hit Sheffield again this week, and so on Thursday Tom and I went out for a walk in it. It was so deep! Here are a few snaps that I took; it may be cold, but it is ever so pretty!

 I completely forgot to mention in last week's post, but Tom and I started up our alphabet date nights again. For E it was my turn and I had no idea what to do! In the end we had an Evening off from Essays and Exams (see how many E's I fitted in there!). For F Tom decided that we should have a 'Fun' evening, which ended up with us watching Homeland. I had bought the series for Tom as a part of his Christmas presents as it was meant to be a really good programme, and neither of us had seen it before. We ended up watching the first 3 episodes and it's so good! It's quite intense, and it wouldn't be a programme that I'd be able to do something else whilst watching it, as it does need your full attention. For 'G' we had a game night, which meant playing the Pointless board game and Mario & Sonic at the Olympics on my DS! We ended up having date H last night which was 'Hugs & Homeland'- we're addicted! It's honestly so good, and we both love it. I can definitely recommend it as one to watch, and I can see it being up there on my 'February Favourites' post!

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx


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