Saturday, 24 January 2015

#52weeksofhappiness- Week 36

 Hello there! How has your week been? This week began with the task of completing my essays and then finally handing them in on Monday! It was such a relief to get them in and to not have to worry about them anymore! The only thing is that now, I feel like I'm free, yet I still have an exam on the 3rd February. Part of me is glad for this break in-between, but another part wishes that I had of had it on Friday and then it could be over and done with. 
 After we had handed our essays in, I went with Will and Reesha into town and then we went for lunch at the Union cafe Interval. I actually then went again on Tuesday with Phoebe, Alice and Katie, and both times were thoroughly enjoyable. Interval is a cafe/restaurant/general place for coffee and every time that I go in, I always think that I should go there more often. I used to go for breakfast last year in-between lectures after a 9am! On Wednesday I met up with my good friend Rachel for a catch up as I hadn't seen her since before Christmas, and so many cups of tea were had! 
 Aside from going to meet up with people, I have started my revision and in the middle of this it started to snow! Last year we were all very surprised, whilst being up north that it didn't snow at all, and we didn't have to endure the ice on all the hills. However, this year there was actually so much that there is still remnants of it about today. I wanted to build a snowman, yet my housemates were revising/had exams/decided to sledging with their other friends (I know right?!), so unfortunately no snowman was built. I'm one who likes the snow when I don't actually have to be anywhere, yet it caused some disturbance to Tom who had an exam!

One of my many meals at Interval. FYI their wedges are to die for.


It snowed, so of course we had to take a selfie!

Can I just note that this is my new favourite joke:
What happened to the Italian chef when he died?...

He Pasta way!

I saw this last night and thought that it was absolutely hilarious, Tom on the other hand did not.

What made you happy this week? AND, what is one of your favourite jokes?

Love Jess xxx


  1. This was Nanna favourite do you know an elephant has been in your fridge??? You can see footprints in the butter!!! How do you know it is still there??? You can't shut the door!!! Lols xxxx

  2. My team lead on my project made me happy this week on business travel! He dropped really wise words on me "If you want to gain more knowledge, go out & learn it. Don't wait for someone to give it to you."

    1. That's really good advice! I'll have to remember that :) xx


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