Saturday, 10 January 2015

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 34

Hello there! How has your week been? This has been my last full week at home, as I am back off to Sheffield next week to hand in essays and prepare for my exam! One thing that definitely stands out to me this week is food. I think I've been out for a meal or for lunch at least five times this week! As most of my time in between has been spent through either writing essays, or being at work, I will split my various food outings up and talk about each one!

1. Monday: Bahn Thai- Bungay
 The first food trip was out with my friends Lisa and Belinda from work (who you will have seen before if you've been reading my blog for a long time) and we took a trip to the Bahn Thai. They don't normally open on a Monday, but when we rang up to book (as we weren't sure when they were open) they let us come anyway, so we had our own private function! I haven't had thai food in absolutely ages, but this was really lovely. I can't remember what mine was called exactly, but I know that it was a chicken yellow curry. I even had enough left to bring home and put in the freezer, and that will be what I have to eat tomorrow! I definitely want to try and go to more thai restaurants to try out different dishes.

2. Tuesday: Bombay Restaurant- Beccles
 On Tuesday I went to the Bombay restaurant with my mum, dad, grandad and Tom. I of course had my usual of a korma, but I pushed the boat out a bit and went for a 'chicken tikka korma'. This still has the korma sauce (and I'm yet to top the Bombay restaurant's sauce) but with the chicken having been marinated in whatever makes it tikka. For some reason, probably the fact that it was a Tuesday, we were the only ones in there and so this was my second private function- I felt like I was the Queen!

3. Thursday: Prezzo's- Beccles
 I then went to Prezzo's on Thursday with Tom's dad and his fiancĂ©, Tom's brother and of course Tom. Now last year Tom and I had a bit of an obsession with Prezzo's and went all the time! We haven't been as much this term, as I think we had gone a bit too much before! I had a starter of Mozzarella bites, and then a main of Funghi Gorgonzola with a coffee to finish. This was a really enjoyable evening as I was able to catch up with some of Tom's family before we went back to Uni.

4. Friday: Waffle House- Norwich
 Friday was a day off for me, both from work and essay writing. My mum had taken this friday off work a while ago, to make sure that we could spend the day together before I venture back to Sheffield. We went into Norwich to do some shopping but first of all made a stop for lunch at The Waffle House. There are only two of these restaurants in the country, so I always make sure to go here when I'm back home! I had a savoury waffle (I know it sounds strange, but don't knock it until you've tried it!) with ham, mushrooms and a cheese sauce on top. My mum also had a savoury one, and she had the roasted butternut squash and sweet potato, with a roquefort sauce and onions. If you are ever in Norwich, I would definitely recommend that you give this place a try!

5. Saturday: Market Row- Beccles
 Today I met up with Kirstie and we went for lunch at Market Row in Beccles. I've been here once before (those of you who have a good memory may remember when my mum and I went in the summer) and they do lovely sandwiches. I had a egg mayonnaise with cress baguette, and Kirstie had a Prawn one. We shared a pot of tea and had a good ol' catch up! 

I may look like bit of a chubba for going out to all of these various food places, but at the heart of it (aside from the good food) it was just so lovely to spend some quality time with people that I love in my last week at home!

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. Been lovely having you at home last few weeks and spending yesterday with you was special xxxx

  2. Was this chicken tikka korma better than the one from week 25? Not a big fan of korma because of how sweet the sauce is but tikka sounds promising

    1. I LOVE korma!! For me, the chicken was similar, but the Bombay restaurants sauce is second to none. If you're ever down in Suffolk I'd definitely recommend you give it a try! (Though Zara's in Crookes was nice too!) x

  3. This post made me pretty hungry. Really craving Thai food right now. Hope you're having a wonderful Monday x


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