Saturday, 13 December 2014

#52weeksofhappiness-Week 30

 Hello there! How are you? First of all, I cannot believe that it is time for week 30's post. It doesn't seem five minutes since I started writing this blog! A big thank you must be made to you who read it and leave lovely comments; thank you!
 On Saturday evening Tom, Ross and I sat down and watched what is in my opinion, the best version of A Christmas Carol/Scrooge (the 1951 film with Alastair Sim playing Scrooge). They both seemed to like it, so I hope that I converted them over to this version! 
 Uni-wise, this week has actually felt like the last week, and I keep having to remind myself that I have another week to go! My highlight of the week was the fact that my parents came up for a couple of days to visit me. They did bring lots of gifts and food goodies (especially homemade coconut ice and fudge!) but aside from that it was lovely as I was able to spend some time with them, and show them around Sheffield. On Wednesday after I had finished at uni, we went to the Christmas Market and had a walk about town. We did make a stop off at Patisserie Valerie for tea and cake! My mum and I shared a chocolate mousse one, while my dad had a berry mousse cake. In the evening we went, with Tom, out to Loch Fyne. This is predominately a fish restaurant, but they did have other options too. None of us had ever been here before, and Tom and I felt especially fancy! I would definitely recommend going to one if you can! It was sad to say goodbye to them, but I'll be back off to Suffolk on Friday!
 On Thursday evening my house and I had our Christmas meal. We all had our different cooking job, and we were all so impressed with how well it came together! I really enjoyed being able to cook and eat all together with my house, as this is a rare occurrence. We exchanged our secret santa gifts, got dressed up in costumes, and ended the evening through watching Elf.

The best people in the world.

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx

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