Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2nd Year so Far!

 Hello there! I thought that I would dedicate today's post to my second year of University so far. Firstly, is it just me, or has this year gone by super quickly? I know they say that time is meant to go faster as you get older, but I'm not that old. I think it will be easier if I split this into different 'sections' so I can focus upon one thing at a time; so let's get on with it!

Living in a House
 One of the main differences between my first and second year of University, is the fact that I lived in Halls last year, and now live in a shared house with 4 other people. From my perspective, we've been really lucky as we've all got along really well and haven't had any major arguments (unlike other houses I've heard about!). We actually like the house/each other so much that we've signed to live on there for another year. I definitely feel that it was the right decision to move out of Halls. I will always have a place in my heart for Ranmoor (the student village that I lived in) but it wouldn't be the same without all of the people who lived there last year!

 If you didn't already know (where have you been?!) I study English Literature. A year and half in (I cannot believe I'm half way through my degree!) I still love it. Sure I'll complain about the amount of reading I have to do, or the fact that I am made to try and understand the difference between 'signs' and 'signifiers', but I definitely made the right decision when choosing my degree. I can definitely see how the first year is more of a 'settling in' year, as this year they have upped the amount of reading that we have to do. And of course this year actually counts towards our overall degree, which I think a lot of people felt when we were having to write our first essays of the year! I'm looking forward to a little break over Christmas (although I do have essays to write/an exam to revise for) but I'm really looking forward to starting new modules next semester!

 In the first semester last year, you met so many people that you don't even remember half of them. This year, the friendships that you build on, or the new ones that you make, seem to mean more (I mean you do actually remember their name for one). You meet people in seminars and think, 'were they here last year?' and what's nice is that although people do have their close friends, just because you're no longer in first year doesn't mean that you won't meet new people! 

Actually living
 I didn't really know what to title this section, but this seemed the most appropriate. Now that I feel a lot more settled in where I'm living, in my course and in who my friends are, I've felt Sheffield feel a lot more like home. Not that I didn't feel settled last year, but I think the fact that I have been there for a year, and probably now that I actually live in a house, Sheffield is definitely a part of me. 
 I feel a lot more at ease with my surroundings, and just the general goings on. You no longer need to think 'gah where is that building?!' when you receive your timetable (unless you have to walk all the way to the Medical school!) You know what events to look forward to, and to get tickets for (last year I missed out on going to Chatsworth at christmastime). You know where the best places to go (or not to go) out are and just generally feel like you know what you are doing! 

Here are just an assortment of photos from my year so far! 

So there you have it! My second year of Uni so far- thank you to everyone that has made it special :)

Love Jess xxx


  1. First I was like, 'University, ooh, I should read this post.' But then when I saw that you're an English Lit major, I knew I had to read this post!

    1. That's fab! Do you do English too? I've done an updated post today about my year as a whole! :)


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