Saturday, 29 November 2014

#52weeksofhappiness- Week 28

 Hello there! How have you been? This week has been a lot less manic than the past few have been! The fact that I now had time to relax, meant that of course I came down with a cold. I had to revisit  my old post of why having a cold can be a good thing to remind myself! (If you missed it you can have a read of it here). On Sunday I literally spent all day in bed, but I kept myself entertained by watching Brave and Tarzan. I had never seen Brave before, and I really liked it! I don't really know what I expected the storyline to be, but it was nice to watch something with a different plot to it. I remember seeing Tarzan at the cinema (I just looked up when it came out-1999?! That makes me feel old) and I think I had it on a recorded video, but I didn't like it enough to constitute getting the actual video. With that being said, I somehow know all of the songs, so I really enjoyed actually seeing how they all fit together!
 The rest of the week went along as usual- going to lectures/seminars with the odd coffee trip with friends here and there! However, last night my friend Megan (who also has a blog, check her out here!) and I went to the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield to see a production of Cinderella as a ballet. I have been to see Sleeping Beauty as a ballet before and I really enjoyed it, so when I saw that there was an upcoming production of Cinderella I really wanted to go! It was amazing; the clothes, the set, the dancing, just all of it! If the production is coming to a theatre near you, I'd definitely try to go and see it! Whenever I go to the theatre I always think, why don't I go more? I've got a booklet of the upcoming shows, so I'm definitely going to try and go to something! 

The Christmas Tree in town is just so pretty!

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx


  1. Sooo envious of your trip to the ballet. Is sometimes so much better to see something live rather than on the television xx

  2. Hopefully will see the tree for myself shortly.


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