Saturday, 13 September 2014

#52weeksofhappiness- Week 17

 Hello there! How has your week been? This week I have felt a lot more settled in my house and it is now starting to feel like home! For those of you who know me, you will be surprised to know that this week I joined the gym! If you had said to me a couple of months ago that I was going to join the gym I wouldn't of believed you! I have my induction tomorrow so I will let you know how that goes next week. 
 On Thursday I went with a few friends to the local Alpaca Farm. I didn't even know that there was one, but when Jade asked if I wanted to go, I was all for it! It's about a 15 minute drive away (although we took slightly longer as we got a bit lost) but it feels like you're no longer in Sheffield as you're surrounded by all the green hills. There was one Alpaca called George, who pushed all of the other ones out of the way so he could get to the food! As well as Alpaca's, they also had chickens, turkeys, horses and pigs. I was so happy to see the pigs, I'd love to have one!

 I had a lovely afternoon in what felt like the countryside. A lot of my Sheffield friends have now started to come back and I've enjoyed being able to catch up with them again. 

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx

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