Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Trip to Pleasurewood Hills

 Hello there! On Sunday a few friends and I went to 'Pleasurewood Hills' which is the local theme park. We were supposed to go the Sunday before, but owing to the weather we put it off and luckily it stayed dry enough for us to go this time! 

Luckily Tom and I were able to be picked up by Lewis at the early time of 9:30 as we wanted to get there for when it opened at 10. On the way there we stopped off at Tesco and met up with Ned, Brad and Josh.

 The first ride that we went on was 'Enigma' which is a roller coaster. It was really good apart from it was really bumpy and I kept being flung around which meant I smacked into Ned! After this for some reason (I think it was a rush of blood to the head) I agreed to go on the 'Jolly Roger' which takes you up 140ft and then drops you down to the ground. I was alright until it seemed to go higher and higher and I thought, it has to stop soon right? Eventually it did and by this time I was questioning why I went on this ride! After what seemed like an eternity, it suddenly dropped and it was a horrible feeling when your legs go higher than your head. I'm glad I went on it, but I don't think I would go on it again!

 We then moved onto the Pirate Ship. The only way that I can go on this ride is if I sit in the middle, but Lewis, Brad and Ned sat right at the end!

 After a few more rides and a break for lunch, we went on the calm boat ride but I think only me and Ned were ready for this selfie/were paying any attention to the camera. Although probably aimed at a younger audience, this was a nice way of getting back into the rides after having something to eat.

  Tom, Brad, Ned and Josh then decided that they wanted to have a go on the Go Karts.

  Throughout the day there are various shows on, and one I really wanted to see was the Sea lion one, as I remember going to see it as a child and this was back in the day when the Sea lion could 'talk'. (It stood in front of a microphone and someone spoke via a speaker out the back).

  The log flume had been shut for repairs in the morning, which I was glad of as I hate water rides! I have to say a sorry to Tom though, as he missed out on getting to go on as he came with me to buy some doughnuts!

While the others went on the loopy upside down roller coaster (otherwise known as 'Wipeout') I somehow convinced Tom to come on the little pony ride with me! Here he is trying to look all serious.

  We then went on a ride where you sit in a little car and it takes you round a circuit. We thought it was funny how we were on the kids rides, while the others were on the scary roller coaster!

 Again, as I am not a fan of water rides, the others went on a dinghy down a slide whilst I just watched!

 All in all I had a very enjoyable day, and would definitely recommend going! However if you are a fan of going on super scary rides, I wouldn't say that this is the place for you. This is more for people like me who enjoy some bigger rides, but also still like the smaller ones.

 Have you been anywhere exciting recently?

Love Jess xxx

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  1. A good family park. Went there a few times with Jess when she was young.


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