Saturday, 30 August 2014

#52weeksofhappiness- Week 15

 Hello there! How has your week been? This week has been my last full week at home before I return to Sheffield and it's been a busy one! Last Saturday night I went with Lisa and Belinda (who I work with) for a meal out to Cleones in Halesworth. I had never been here before, but it is a little Italian restaurant that is attached to The Angel pub. The last time I had been to Halesworth was probably about 3 years ago, so it was nice to go out for a meal somewhere that we wouldn't normally go to. I really enjoyed being back at work again over the summer and was really sad to leave, so this was a nice way to end it. 
Here we all are with Lisa pouting haha!

 I went away with my parents for another trip in the Caravan to Woodbridge this week. We were expecting horrible cold weather, but luckily it was bright sunshine! I had only properly been into Woodbridge once before when I was little to the boating lake, so it was nice to actually have a proper walk around. We took a short walk to the mill and from here we went on what we thought was going to be a mile walk to a pub. It turned out that the man in the mill had underestimated how long it was and after walking about a mile and a half, with no pub in sight, we gave up and walked up to the main road to discover that we had actually walked out of Woodbridge altogether! After having a stop for something to eat at the pub that we found there, we walked back along the main road and into the town. 

 Although we didn't really know where we were going on this walk, it was such a beautiful day, and the river was sparkling in the sun. I had a really nice time away with my parents, and it was a good time to go away the week before I go back to Sheffield. 

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xx

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  1. It was nice to get out in the sun after a few cold days.


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