Saturday, 23 August 2014

#52weeksofhappiness- Week 14

 Hello there! How has your week been? My week started off well, but then went a bit down hill when I caught a cold! Touchwood I am a lot better now though. On Sunday I went to Pleasurewood Hills, and if you missed my last post you can read all about it here. This was a really fun filled day, and I hope we can all go back again next summer. 
 On Monday I met up with my lovely friend Kirstie in Norwich, where we had a spot of lunch and did some shopping. Shopping wise we both found it a bit disappointing as there's all the ends of the summer lines with the beginnings of the autumn ones, meaning there wasn't collectively anything we really wanted. For lunch we went to The Waffle House, and if you are ever in Norwich be sure to check out this place! You can pick between savoury and sweet waffles, (I know what you're thinking- eugh savoury waffles?! But it's more like having it with bread than with the type of waffles that you are probably thinking of) and I went with the ham, mushroom and cheese sauce one, whilst Kirstie had the banoffee one. Every time that I come here, I never leave disappointed. You can choose whether you would like a small or a large one (we both went for large!) and what is also really nice is that they do a student discount.

 Somewhere in-between Monday and Thursday I caught a cold, and I had to take a day off work yesterday. Luckily today I am feeling a lot better in myself and so my mum and I went to a local cafe called Busby's Tea Hive and it is so cute in there! I have been in before, but only whilst at work to collect take away sandwiches, and I thought it was time I went and properly sat in there. Every day on their Facebook page they upload photos of all the scrummy cakes that they have on offer and we knew that we needed to go in there for lunch before I went back to Sheffield!

 You can see from these photos just how much effort has gone into the decor and there was such a lovely atmosphere and the staff were ever so friendly.

 To drink, my mum had an Ice Cream Soda, and I went for the Cola Float. They were served in these coloured mason style jars, and I really want to get some to use in the new house!

 To eat, I had a mature cheddar, tomato and onion chutney toastie, whilst my mum went for a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. Unfortunately we were both full up after this and so didn't get to try any cake! We will definitely have to go back again for afternoon tea one day. 

What made you happy this week?

Love Jess xxx


  1. Yet another lovely day out with my best friend xx

  2. Looks so delicious! Thats such an interesting take on waffles! I love waffles but have never eaten them that way before lol

    1. I know, I'd never thought of having waffles with something savoury until I went to The Waffle House! I'd definitely recommend trying it though :) x


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