Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Origami Pig

Hello! Today's post is going to be something a bit different and be a creative one. I have recently got into making Origami after finding a book of instructions and paper that my Nanna used to have. I have had a go at a couple, and after a few attempts they actually resemble what they are supposed to! I have found that you need to have a bit of patience for it to go alright, but the end result is worth it. The book that I am using is The Great Origami Book by Zülal Aytüre-Scheele. It is a really good book for beginners as it takes you through the basic forms step by step, which can then be applied to actual designs. 

For the Pig:

-You will need to start off with a square piece of paper.

-Fold the sides into the middle and place it so the flappy part is at the bottom.

-Fold the top corners over to meet the bottom and repeat for both sides.

-Open up the fold that you just made and flatten it down so it looks like this.

-Repeat on all other folds made. 

-On the left hand side triangle fold inner corner down to meet vertical crease line.

-Flip this over and do it on the right hand side so that you have the two front legs.

-Flip this back over and crease the bottom right corner up to top edge. 

-(This is where it gets a bit tricky) Open up this crease and fold the point in- I found that this was helped if you folded the back legs in rather than leaving them on the outside. Fold in the two parts of the top right hand corner and you will then have something that looks like this.

-Open form slightly and crease and fold the large piece that you folded in previously and pull out a little to resemble the tail.

-Press form together. Crease a little part of the front on both sides.

-Open this slightly and crease part of the way down so that a nose is created.
-Open form slightly to stand it up.

The first time I made this I found it a bit tricky once you had to start creasing and pulling things out, but after the 3rd attempt it worked really well. If you attempt to make this please tweet me a picture or email one to me as I would love to see them!

Have you attempted anything new recently? 

Love Jess xx



  1. También tiene pinta de rinoceronte. Voy a practicarlo.


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