Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Trip to Leicester

Hello! A couple of weeks ago I went to visit Reesha in her hometown of Leicester. It was so nice travelling there from Sheffield as it was a much shorter train journey than I was used to! I also realised that the trains to London have a lot nicer train carriages than I do when I travel home. I left a sunny Sheffield for a rainy Leicester and it was interesting to see the city that I could have gone to University in had I chosen to go there instead. I had such a lovely day despite the weather; one minute it was bright sunshine, the next minute it was chucking it down with rain! I met Reesha at the train station which was hard to navigate the way out of! Reesha then took me to her house and then she drove me into town. I definitely wouldn't have wanted to drive in the city- well done Reesha! We had a day filled with shopping and eating food, here are a few photos to share with you;

 We went to 'Turtle Bay' for lunch and the waitress was so nice! She chatted to us for a while about what we were up to for the day and then asked whether we liked spicy food or not (which I don't) and told us what would be best to order. I had a pulled chicken burger with fries, and even the fries had chilli powder on them!

 For dessert in the afternoon we went to 'Patisserie Valerie' and shared a chocolate mousse cake. It was a good job that we looked at what we wanted before we went in as they told us that they were all out of this one! I soon told him otherwise haha.
 For dinner Reesha took me to her favourite indian restaurant, 'Paprika' and I had my usual order of a chicken korma. 
These are just a couple of photos I took on a little walk that we took after our meal and before it rained! 

Thank you to Reesha for taking this photo! 

All in all I really enjoyed going to see one of my University friends in their hometown. She'll just have to come and visit me in Norwich now!

Have you been anywhere different recently?

Love Jess xxx

P.S. If you would like to have a read of something go and check out Reesha's blog at

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